Past Advocacy Campaign – Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

July 2023

ACEC-Ontario recently conducted a successful Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) campaign, advocating for changes to the professional liability regulation. The campaign aimed to address the risks associated with current regulations and ensure better protection for professionals in Ontario. Here are the highlights of the campaign’s achievements:

Engagement with MPPs: Through the PLI campaign initiative ACEC-Ontario took a proactive approach, creating a platofrm that enabled members to distribute 55 letters to Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) across the province.

Letter to the Attorney General: In a significant step, ACEC-Ontario sent a persuasive letter directly to the Attorney General, calling for necessary changes to the professional liability regulation. This action showcased ACEC-Ontario’s commitment and determination to address the issues at hand.

Collaboration with OSPE: The campaign received valuable support from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), who joined forces with ACEC-Ontario to co-launch a parallel PLI campaign. This collaboration amplified the impact of the advocacy efforts and strengthened the collective voice of engineering industry professionals advocating for change.

Support from Ontario Chamber of Commerce: Recognizing the significance of the issue, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) also expressed their support for the campaign. They sent a letter to the Attorney General, emphasizing the importance of revising the professional liability regulation. The OCC’s letter was publicly posted on their website.

These achievements reflect the commitment and determination of ACEC-Ontario to protect professionals in Ontario and create a more favorable regulatory environment for professional liability insurance.

For more detailed information, please refer to the campaign CTA bulletin, outlining the detailed issue of PLI.