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Share your expertise with your community.

ACEC-Ontario is often contacted by provincial ministries and agencies, municipal governments, and key stakeholders to provide feedback on a variety of topics, ranging from infrastructure to procurement, and everything in between.

To help us with these types of outreaches, we rely on over 150 volunteers who share invaluable insights and advice through our committees, networks, and chapters.

As ACEC-Ontario becomes more well-known, we are being asked to comment on new topics that may require us to seek the help of others who have specialized expertise and experience. This is why we are looking to identify Subject Matter Experts who we can call upon if needed.

Why share your expertise?

Your knowledge is invaluable. Your special expertise offers a respected perspective that may be used in consultations conducted by provincial and municipal governments, as well as with other key stakeholders initiatives.

ACEC-Ontario is committed to providing the necessary support to SMEs, ensuring that you are well-prepared and confident before engaging in any activity. We would not put your name forward for any activity without first discussing it with you and receiving your explicit agreement.

This is more than just an opportunity to showcase your expertise; it’s a chance to be an integral part of a dynamic exchange that influences industry trends, government policies, and public awareness. By participating, you would be supporting your community and the engineering profession.

Your unique insights and experience can contribute significantly to shaping the discourse within the consulting engineering sector.

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