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Burnout Infographic – A resource from FLN

Are you experiencing burnout? Burnout is a state of chronic physical and emotional exhaustion, often accompanied by feelings of cynicism and detachment from work. It can result from prolonged periods of stress, especially when the demands placed on an individual […]

Webinar: Ghosting: Why Candidates Do It and Why You Shouldn’t

Competition for talent is at a high and so is ghosting – both from candidates and employers. Ghosting is when a candidate or an employer stops responding to your messages or calls, leaving you in the dark and unsure of […]

Information on Changes to Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits

People Corporation, an ACEC-Ontario Affinity Ally, is keeping you informed. To protect Canadians facing illness or injury typically associated with recovery rates longer than 15 weeks, the Government of Canada is extending EI sickness benefits to 26 weeks, starting December […]

Retirement plans vs salary increases: Benefits for plan sponsors and plan members

Benefit Partners (a division of People Corporation and an ACEC-Ontario Affinity Ally) have provided access to an article on how an organization can create an effective compensation plan. The article discusses how group retirement plans are beneficial not only to the employees, […]

Video: How to Manage the Trickiest Parts of Human Resources – Brought to you by Peninsula Canada

Whether you work in a firm or own one, dealing with human resources (HR) or occupational health and safety (OHS) can be one of the hardest parts of your job. Learn how to manage even the trickiest HR and OHS […]

Video: Challenging Times: Unprecedented Change in the Consulting Engineering Workforce

The Great Resignation is not just an American phenomenon: it is happening here in Canada, as well. From an employment point of view, we are starting to put the legacy of COVID behind us. Many opportunities, from an array of […]

Video: Navigating Vaccine Mandates – An Update

On Tuesday March 1st, 2022, ACEC-Ontario hosted a follow-up conversation with its legal experts from McMillan LLP, Patrick Groom and Annik Forristal, exploring the ongoing developments and impacts of vaccination mandates in Ontario’s design and construction industry. In a short […]

Video: Navigating Vaccine Mandates – A Legal Perspective for Consulting Engineers

On October 5th, 2021 we hosted a conversation with two legal experts from McMillan LLP, Annik Forristal and Patrick Groom, regarding the development and implementation of vaccination mandates in Ontario’s design and construction industry. In a short presentation, followed by […]

Video: Navigating work policies post COVID -19

This webinar covered topics like remote work, in office work, working from home office and the combination “hybrid” work with the end of Covid-19 in sight. What will happen post Covid-19? Companies are discovering that “hybrid” work comes with plenty […]