Standing Committee

Government Relations Committee (GRC)

About the Government Relations Committee

ACEC-Ontario’s Government Relations Committee exists to promote a legislative and regulatory environment in Ontario favourable to ACEC-Ontario and its member companies.

To fulfill this goal, the committee undertakes the following:

  • Identify, research and analyze issues from an ACEC-Ontario standpoint
  • Prepare briefs and submissions (joint briefs and submissions when appropriate) on ACEC-Ontario issues
  • Meetings with elected officials, political staff and public service officials
  • Educate members on legislative and regulatory issues using various media (newsletter, seminars, social media and other communications channels as required
  • Form alliances with related organizations to share information, coordinate policy development and enhance our mutual advocacy efforts
  • Hold memberships in other organizations as appropriate (Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario)
  • Informal meetings with other stakeholders (e.g., OAA, PEO, MEA, ORBA, OCGA, etc.)
  • Develop programs and materials to support chapter government relations activities at the municipal and level with federal level engagement and communication as needed

Location: All committee meetings are held virtually. Majority of meetings with stakeholders are virtual but some in-person meetings may be held.

Time Commitment: 5-6 committee meetings annually, approximately 90 minutes in duration each. Additional time will be spent on meeting preparation (reviewing documents) and committee tasks, as assigned. Opportunities to meet with industry stakeholders may be offered to committee members, attendance is optional and at the discretion of the member.

Key Responsibilities:

1.            Attend committee meetings, provide regular input and participate in committee meetings in a consistent and timely fashion.
2.            Work collaboratively with industry and government stakeholders and ACEC-Ontario member employees.
3.            Contribute to ACEC-Ontario’s government relations activities, including but not limited to preparing briefs, meetings with elected officials on behalf of the consulting engineering industry, and educating members on legislative and regulatory issues.


1.            Network with other existing ACEC-Ontario Member firms and their employees.  
2.            Opportunity to directly contribute to the association’s government relations activities.
3.            Enhance your knowledge and understanding of government relations within provincial and municipal levels of government.
4.            Opportunity to speak on behalf of the consulting engineering sector on issues that matter the most to both the industry and your firm.

Qualifications & Other Requirements

1. Knowledge of ACEC-Ontario’s structure, strategic plan and resources.
2. Must remain non-partisan in government relations activities and engagement within or on behalf of ACEC-Ontario.
3. Must ensure and maintain confidentiality.
4. Only employees of ACEC-Ontario member firms are eligible to participate. Candidates must have their firm’s permission to participate.
5. Must not be employed by a member company already represented on the committee.


Practical expertise in government and stakeholder relations matters, particularly within non-profits and/or provincial, or municipal levels of government.

Seeking candidates with historically excluded identities (gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, etc.).


There are no vacancies available at this time.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?