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Business Practices Committee (BPC)

About the Business Practices Committee

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Ontario (ACEC-Ontario) strategic plan has ‘Client Relations’ as a priority goal. The Client Relations goal is rooted in the association’s Missions Statement of, ‘To promote and advance the business interests of our Member Firms and the value of the engineering work they do.’ This statement draws from what was then Consulting Engineers of Ontario’s (CEO’s) specific client relations objective contained in the immediate past strategic plan that sought, ‘To promote fair procurement and business practices among member firm clients’. To support this stated goal and specific objectives, CEO established a Business Risk Committee that was later renamed the Business Practices Committee. These legacy ‘Client Relations’ activities have been integrated with ACEC-Ontario Chapter and Liaison Committee activities, and supported through Members Services strategic activities.

The ACEC-Ontario Business Practices Committee’s mandate will be to provide assistance to ACEC-Ontario and its constituent member firms by improving their business practices conditions specifically related to the consultant procurement process and the commercially onerous, and often uninsurable, agreement/contract terms of our industry’s client organizations.

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