News Release

Province and City of Toronto Agree on Delivery of Subway Projects

October 17, 2019

Published  October 18, 2019

October 17, 2019 – Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) is pleased to hear the announcements from Toronto Mayor John Tory and Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney regarding their agreement to deliver billions of dollars of transit projects in Toronto. Included is the Ontario Line, which when complete, will run 15.5 kilometres from the Ontario Science Centre in Don Mills to the Exhibition Go station in Liberty Village.

CEO has consistently advocated for informed infrastructure investments and its vital benefits to Ontario’s economy. The benefits associated with the certainty of large-scale funding for such a robust transit plan will not only have a positive effect on the City of Toronto, but will boost Ontario’s economy, employment rates and will accommodate for projected population growth.

“Consistent infrastructure investment dedicated by all levels of government will create the transit system that has been in high demand from the City of Toronto and the GTHA,” said Bruce Matthews Chief Executive Officer of CEO. “The commitment to the various Toronto transit projects and building infrastructure while providing best lifecycle value will be a positive step forward in investing in Ontario’s prosperous future.”

CEO recognizes the importance of the dedication to infrastructure investment from all levels of government in order to further develop the province’s economic prosperity.

“Informed infrastructure spending is an important component in promoting growth to Ontario’s economy,” said Karen Freund, P.Eng of Jacobs. “The dedication of funding from all levels of government to further develop Toronto’s transit system will have a positive effect on the entire province.”

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