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Ghosting: Why Candidates Do It, and Why You Shouldn’t.

Audience: Public Format: Virtual

January 24 at 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Competition for talent is at a high and so is ghosting – both from candidates and employers. Ghosting is when a candidate or an employer stops responding to your messages or calls, leaving you in the dark and unsure of what to do next. 

Ghosting can happen at any stage of the recruitment process, from the initial application to the final offer. It can have negative impacts on your reputation, brand, and hiring outcomes, so what can you do about it? 

On January 24, 2024, Jeremy Henderson, Strategic Director at Matchfield, a Raise company, will host a webinar looking at this topic. Join us as he shares his insights and tips on how to:

  • Understand the common reasons why candidates and employers ghost each other
  • Avoid the risk of damaging your brand and losing out on top talent
  • Implement effective strategies to prevent ghosting and create a positive candidate experience

Visit Matchfield to register for Ghosting: Why Candidates Do It, and Why You Shouldn’t. Space is limited, so don’t wait and sign up today.

About the host

Jeremy Henderson is the Strategic Director at Matchfield, a Raise company, and has been working in recruitment for more than 15 years. Passionate about technology’s role in staffing, Jeremy is always looking for ways to challenge the norms of traditional recruitment firms.

Matchfield specializes in connecting top technical talent with opportunities at leading Consulting Engineering firms across North America. Our preference-driven matching system and talent advisors combine to deliver an efficient and transparent experience that helps drive hiring success!

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