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Video: Valuing the “Professional” in Professional Engineering

Date & Time: Past session at the OSPE Engineering Conference held on Thursday, November 3, 2022 Speakers: Bruce G. Matthews, P.Eng., Executive Director, ACEC-Ontario Description: Presented and recorded by OSPE at the 2022 Engineering Conference. The engineering profession has sought […]

Video: How to Manage the Trickiest Parts of Human Resources – Brought to you by Peninsula Canada

Whether you work in a firm or own one, dealing with human resources (HR) or occupational health and safety (OHS) can be one of the hardest parts of your job. Learn how to manage even the trickiest HR and OHS […]

Video: Digital Seals & Seal Authentication

Design professionals are required by their governing legislation to affix their seals to final drawings, designs, reports, etc. that are submitted to municipal building departments.  Over the past few years, there has been an increase in reports of seal fraud […]

Video: Cyber Head Winds 2022: The State of the Cyber Insurance Market for Engineers

Cyberattacks on engineering firms have been on the rise and the results have been devastating. In addition to compromising sensitive client information, a cyberattack can lock down day-to-day operations and incur significant costs. The impact of a cyberattack is concerning […]

Video: The Construction Act and Adjudication- Information Session for the Consulting Engineering Sector

ACEC-Ontario has partnered with ODACC to provide member companies with an opportunity to learn more about the applicability of the Construction Act to professional services, and the use of adjudication as a statutorily enabled process to resolve project disputes in […]

Video: Challenging Times: Unprecedented Change in the Consulting Engineering Workforce

The Great Resignation is not just an American phenomenon: it is happening here in Canada, as well. From an employment point of view, we are starting to put the legacy of COVID behind us. Many opportunities, from an array of […]

Video: Navigating Vaccine Mandates – An Update

On Tuesday March 1st, 2022, ACEC-Ontario hosted a follow-up conversation with its legal experts from McMillan LLP, Patrick Groom and Annik Forristal, exploring the ongoing developments and impacts of vaccination mandates in Ontario’s design and construction industry. In a short […]

VIDEO: AXA XL Presents: Seller-Doers to Indispensable: The 101 of Business Development

In this recorded webinar presentation, Patty Huntley, AXA XL, covers today’s new normal and what project managers and young professionals need to understand about their role in supporting and growing new and additional work for their firms.  This program highlighted […]

Video: Ontario’s Excess Soils Regulation – What You Need to Know and How to Prepare

In December 2019, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks released a new regulation under the Environmental Protection Act, titled “On-Site and Excess Soil Management” (Ontario Regulation 406/19) to support improved management of excess construction soil. This Regulation was created […]

Video: Navigating Vaccine Mandates – A Legal Perspective for Consulting Engineers

On October 5th, 2021 we hosted a conversation with two legal experts from McMillan LLP, Annik Forristal and Patrick Groom, regarding the development and implementation of vaccination mandates in Ontario’s design and construction industry. In a short presentation, followed by […]